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Monitoring and Maintaining Highly Distributed Networks

By Krishna Kunapuli

March 1, 2023 - 2 min

Monitoring and maintaining highly distributed networks

The workplace has fundamentally changed over the past few years with the transition to hybrid work models. Most employers say they plan to continue supporting a blend of in-office, remote, and mobile workers on a permanent basis. While the shift delivers important benefits such as increased productivity and access to expanded talent pools, it also creates significant technological challenges.

For teams to effectively communicate and collaborate across multiple geographic locations, they must be connected by networks that can link infrastructure, endpoints, data, and applications across local networks, cloud platforms, branch offices, and home offices. But such a distributed networking architecture presents multiple management difficulties.

Everything from capacity planning to cybersecurity becomes more complex without a clear picture of the network’s physical layout. Even basic device discovery is problematic with far-flung users and teams continually connecting more smartphones, laptops, tablets, wireless routers, and other devices. Without hands-on access to all these assets, maintenance and troubleshooting becomes incredibly difficult.

Closing the Distance with RMM

The challenges of distributed networks have sparked increased adoption of remote management and monitoring (RMM) solutions that allow oversight of critical IT assets from afar. In a survey by the Uptime Institute, 9 out of 10 data center managers said they plan to increase their use of RMM solutions.

Although some enterprise organizations implement their own solutions, RMM is typically delivered by managed services providers (MSPs) such as Rahi. Our team of IT professionals provides 24×7 oversight through our network operations center (NOC), which eases the burden on customers’ resource-strapped IT teams.

RMM solutions use lightweight software agents installed on client servers and other endpoint devices to continually gather information about performance metrics, such as availability, throughput, bandwidth utilization, and latency. If an issue occurs — for instance, if an application lacks all the system resources it needs — the software alerts our team so that we can take steps to resolve the problem.

Improving Visibility

We can detect and mitigate most hardware, software, and connectivity issues without dispatching a technician, and can schedule an onsite visit to investigate the problem if necessary. Faster resolution of issues delivers significant benefits by minimizing downtime and data loss.  

Our RMM services also improve network visibility and device discovery. The software regularly scans the network to identify new endpoints and automatically installs and configures an agent. This allows customers to maintain accurate device inventories and improve security with better network access policies.

Additionally, we use RMM tools to automate many proactive maintenance tasks such as malware scanning, operating system and application updates, patch management, file synchronization, and configuration changes. Detailed performance reports can be customized and used to evaluate current network health, ensure security and regulatory compliance, and identify long-term trends.

AV System Support

Rahi also offers 24×7 monitoring and management of the audio/visual (AV) systems that have become critical for connecting colleagues and coworkers. Around-the-clock oversight ensures fast resolution of problems that could disrupt real-time communication and collaboration.

Unlike manufacturer-specific AV monitoring solutions, our AV RMM solution is vendor-agnostic. This ensures we can manage the entire AV ecosystem, including conferencing systems, digital signage, and interactive whiteboards. 

With the rise of distributed networks, the business value of RMM solutions has never been greater. Outages and network downtime can leave essential segments of the business isolated and cut off from critical resources. Remote monitoring and management from Rahi provide the insight and automation necessary to identify and resolve issues before they disrupt operations. Contact us to learn more.


  • Krishna is a Network Solutions Architect and early enthusiast of software-defined networks. He has more than 15 years of consulting experience in designing and implementing IP networks with execution around the globe, including some landmark projects. He specializes in designing large networks with a high degree of programmability and self-service.

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